Frequently Asked Questions
What is the advantage of going online to purchase automotive parts?

There are many specialty and racing parts providers that operate websites. This gives you access to the cutting edge technology you need direct from the producers in many cases. In some cases you can find parts and accessories that you can’t get anywhere locally.

Can I get better deals online than in a local store when shopping for auto parts?

Yes. Online retailers of auto parts general will beat the prices you can find in local stores. Looking online for the best price may lead you to a great source or parts that you will continue to use for years.

How much does shipping cost?

All orders totaling over $50.00 qualify for free shipping anywhere within the 48 continental states of the US. For more information on shipping policies, visit the shipping section of our customer service page.

How can I track my package?

Following the placement of your order you will receive an e-mail from our online store with a tracking number that you can use to track your package.

Which MBRP kits come with tips?

List of MBRP kits that do come with tips:

All kits for gas powered vehicles.
4"diesel exhaust kits with a part number ending in 304, 409, or AL.

List of kits that do not come with tips:

5" Diesel Exhaust kits.
4" Diesel Exhaust kits with a part number that ends in P, PLM, OR SLM.